Established in 1969, the firm provides technical and software services supporting the Radio, Television, Communications, Two-way, and Paging industries. Clients include AM, FM, TV, Cellular, municipal and county governments, service shops and other entities engaged in providing, administering, maintaining and regulating broadcast and communications services.

Consulting services are provided to regulatory entities to analyze pending communications facilities and to aid with writing administrative codes.

Engineering activities include consulting services relating to radio-frequency topics, antennas and signal propagation.

Software activities include two computer programs to aid engineers, service technicians, system planners, tower site operators and TV and FM broadcasters with the design, operation and troubleshooting of their systems.

FieldStrengthCalc is a comprehensive tool that computes and plots coverage of broadcast, portable and mobile communications and microwave systems. It is available with worldwide terrain, roads and country boundaries. County boundaries are also included with United States terrain.

Obspat is a tool that determines the effects on an antenna’s radiation pattern due to nearby metallic objects such as structures, guy wires and other antennas. The results from Obspat may be imported into FieldStrengthCalc to assess the effects on a system’s coverage. (Obspat, the word, is derived from “obstructed” and “pattern”.)