Field Strength Calc (FSC) is a versatile tool that provides various means to accurately, simply and elegantly display signal levels, or, coverage from a wide range of transmitting facilities. Output presentations include contours, continuous area fill or, in the case of point-to-point problems, a complete report illustrating a terrain profile and long term statistical reliabilities. FSC uses both English and metric units. FSC is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh OS X.

The various types of calculations currently include:

FM and TV Contour calculations as used in the USA.

A variation of the preceding FM/TV calculations that
permits usage for mobile calculations by adjusting
for mobile antenna height.

COST contour method for modern cellular and 2–way systems.

Carey contour methods for paging & mobile systems.

Point-to-point great circle calculations with reliability
statistics for communications links.

Detailed continuous area coverage analyses using
Longley-Rice (NBS, Technical Note 101)
calculations for both power (dBm, dBW,
dBk) and voltage (dBu) problems.

Field Strength Calc (FSC) is supplied with a choice of terrain for one region. A region covers a relatively large area and also includes most of the world's islands. Available regions are shown on the Terrain Regions page.

Also included are country boundaries and major roads. For USA users, county boundaries are included.

FSC produces graphical output pictures at user specified dimensions and scales. It also provides pictures of a scale of km/miles and user created labels. These output components are easily applied, to a user provided digital map, in a simple graphics tool such as Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Contour and area coverage pictures may be drawn using Geometric, Lambert Conformal Conic, Albers Equal Area and Transverse Mercator mapping projections.

For more information please download the Field Strength Calc Instruction Manual on the Downloads Page. A demonstration of the fully functional, but restricted, program is also available for download. Please download and operate the program before ordering.