The term “Obspat” is derived from “Obstructed Pattern”. Obspat is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh OS X. Obspat is fluent in both English and metric units. For additional information please download the Obspat Instruction Manual from the Downloads Page. A demonstration of the fully functional, but restricted, program is also available for download. Please download and operate the program before ordering.

Obspat was developed more than 20 years ago for the purposes of designing custom antenna radiation patterns using off-the-shelf antennas and for analyzing transmission and reception problems in the field. Obspat has been in constant use since then by this firm, various antenna manufacturers, service organizations and others responsible for the design, installation, mounting and troubleshooting of antennas. Evolution over more than 20 years has resulted in the present, highly advanced version of Obspat.

Provide antenna patterns for use with field strength and coverage
prediction tools such as Field Strength Calc.

● Generate radiation patterns for presentation to regulatory bodies.

● Easily and rapidly calculate antenna radiation pattern distortions
in the presence of metallic objects such as other antennas,
tower  structures, transmission lines, guy wires and etc.

Prior to installation, optimize radiation characteristics of an
antenna considering its position and the metallic
content and configuration of its surroundings

● Design custom antenna patterns using combinations of off-the-shelf
antennas, antenna arrays and metallic reflectors and
tower members.

● Analyze and troubleshoot coverage problems resulting from an
antenna's position and/or the metallic content and
structure of its immediate environment.

Obspat has always been a tool that can be used by anyone with a minimum of technical training. Internal calculations are complex but program operations are simple and intuitive. Data is entered using simple geometry. Essentially all requirements for position calculations (distance/direction) have been eliminated in this porting to both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
The program is supplied with an extensive library of more than 10,000 antenna patterns including communications, cellular, PCS and broadcast. It has provisions for adding antennas by entering data or importing commonly used industry formats. File formats that can be imported may also be exported. Additionally, all patterns generated by Obspat may be exported in native industry formats for direct use in other applications or tools.


Antenna manufacturers - providing pattern services and potential coverage solutions using their products. Obspat is already a known entity in this industry.

System providers/manufacturers - assuring that antennas are properly mounted or properly configured to meet system coverage and pattern requirements.

Tower owners and managers - managing the placement of antennas with respect to other antennas, transmission lines and guy wires.

Rooftop site owners and managers - for all above reasons plus configuring antenna mountings on rooftops for best overall radiation characteristics and coverage.

Communications operating entities - public safety, cellular, PCS, paging, SMRS and other two-way operators to evaluate and optimize antenna placement. Also to solve many of the common coverage problems associated with shared antenna sites. Obspat is particularly useful for optimizing radiation characteristics which translates into better portable operations.

Consultants - providing pattern services and potential coverage solutions to clients. This includes firms specializing in communications, broadcast and CATV. CATV for reception problems and nulling interfering signals. Broadcast for FM and TV issues.

Government communications departments - providing pattern and coverage solutions in tightening available tower space conditions. Obspat is particularly useful to optimize communications coverage for side-mounted antennas.

Applications providers/processors - that do business with the FCC or other Agencies requiring presentation quality antenna radiation patterns. Obspat provides quick and easy, high-quality antenna patterns that may be oriented in any direction.

Service shops - that do business with city, county or state communications. Or that mount and service antennas on towers or rooftops. Obspat can help take the mystery out of situations where an antenna may be clearly in sight but the signal just will not get to where you are standing, the scenario for which Obspat was created more than 20 years ago.

Service shops - that have coverage problems or need to obtain solutions for special coverage issues.