Rates for professional services will be billed at  $ 250.00 USD per hour. There is a cap of 8 hours in one day. That is, if more hours are expended on any single day, only 8 hours are charged for.

Out-of-pocket expenses such as lodging, transportation, and shipping are billed at cost with no markup.

FIXED FEES FOR ROUTINE SERVICES (Delivered free via the internet or at cost via any other specified method)

Antenna Patterns Computed from Obspat: $ 100 USD

Microwave Path Analysis: $ 250 USD

Coverage Study: $ 350 USD + $ 75 USD per Site


Additional DVD Terrain Region: $ 300 USD + Cost of Shipping

Obspat: Please see ANNOUNCEMENTS on the home page.

* Notes:

Two to ten copies discount 5%, eleven and more discount 10%.

Fully functioning (but restricted) Demo versions of Obspat will be available for downloading.

Each copy of software is licensed to a single machine. Because fully functioning Demonstration versions of the software are available, we cannot process refunds.

Credit cards currently accepted are: Visa and MasterCard.

Please contact us if there are any questions.