Obspat Announcement

Recent program changes have introduced some sophisticated bugs in the program. It was decided, after more than 30 years of commercial usage, to use this opportunity to rewrite the Obspat code. From its humble beginnings using the Basic and Fortran programming languages, more than 16 major revisions have occurred, each employing significant enhancements and broadening its utility.

This has rendered the code much more complex and considerably more difficult to maintain. In light of advancements in modern programming languages Obspat code is to be brought into the Twenty-First Century by rewriting the code using Object Oriented programming techniques. Hopefully, this will provide a route to more efficient, faster operations and more manageable code maintenance. Other enhancements are to be incorporated as well.

We regret this interruption of Obspat sales. In the meantime, during the months of the code rewrite, Obspat functions will continue to be available through the consulting operations of Arthur K. Peters. Please feel free to enquire.